Sketchnotes del libro "Intercom on Marketing"

First of all, I have to say that I’m a big fan of how Intercom does marketing, and one of their marketing actions that I find most interesting is publishing great content. In their blog they write about very specific topics, always useful for their target customers (like Cuéntica and me). They even publish digital books, full of wisdom and experience, with examples, insights, transparency… and beautifully designed 🙌

The Intercom’s library has 7 books by now, covering topics like: starting up, product management, customer support, customer engagement, Jobs-to-be-Done, onboarding and marketing. These articles and books really help their customers (and potential ones) to make progress on their business and get new ideas they can apply right away. I’m one of them, so… thank you.

Captura de la portada del libro

Their last book is about marketing. I downloaded and read it carefully, I wanted to pay attention to the details to extract all the value and take personal sketchnotes while reading it.

My sketchnotes from “Intercom on Marketing”

You can find the link below to download my personal sketchnotes from the book for free (of course I asked for permission to the Intercom team). The file includes the 15 pages summarizing the ideas and concepts I found more interesting. The sketchnotes are a PDF in high resolution (scanned, digitized, vectorized and ready to be printed at any size).

Captura de la portada del libro

All the sketchnotes have been created by myself, in paper, by hand, with markers, and then scanned and vectorized so you can get a high-quality PDF if you are interested.

Crafting these sketchnotes has been a very instructive lesson. The only purpose was to learn and also I had a lot of fun, so I’m not interested in obtaining money, but… wouldn’t it be nice if you spread them on your social media? 😉

If you’re curious, I have also created a Google Photos album where you can see the “raw” sketchnotes, a collection of images with the scanned pages of my notebook. You can find the album here:

I strongly recommend to read the original book. Remember that these sketchnotes are absolutely personal and they collect only the ideas I find more interesting 😉